Category Topics

The Green Room

The Voice Over Group is somewhere that Voice Talent can chill; talk about anything they wish, and relax among good company. Let this place be a haven for like-minded souls to share stories, and good vibes, to encourage each other’s careers.

The Recording Environment

Are you setting up your first pillow fort; hanging out under blankets, in a walk-in wardrobe, or going bigger by building or buying a booth like a WhisperRoom? Talk about your Recording Environment, soundproofing and acoustics.

Tech Talk (The Mic Locker)

What microphone? What audio interface? What Digital Audio Workstation? What PC? What about Live-Direction with Source-Connect or ipDTL? All things techie like “What’s that hiss?” and “How do I … ?” style questions are welcome here.

Coaching and Demo Production

Submit your demo or website for a review from the community. Are there any glaring flaws in your demo, on your website that are holding you back? Ask here.

P2P Marketplaces and Freelance Sites

There are many sites where you can sell your Voice, from Pay To Play websites through to Freelance platforms, talk about how to make the most of them for your Voice Over Business here.

Business Development and Marketing

It’s more important to have a business mindset than it is to have a nice Voice, share ideas among other entrepreneurial spirits in this section dedicated to growing thriving businesses.

Voiceovers Direct

Fancy selling your voice to clients on your own website? Without middlemen to take a twenty percent cut? You might like Voiceovers Direct then!